Monday, April 12, 2010

You Should be a Vet!!!

I swear *every time* I help someone with their animals, either it be a food suggestion, training advice, or just sharing my experiences, peoples always tell me I should/should've been a veterinarian. Why? Because I can hop on google, and find the answer or things other people have tried? Or is it because I have had dogs for almost 6 years and am pretty sure we've gone through most of what everyday* owners go through?

Never am I asked if I have ever considered it, which I did until Sophomore year when one of my teachers told me I was too stupid to go to college for it, and that just kinda shattered the soul a bit and I never looked into it further. I also do not enjoy (not saying vets do) seeing animals sick, or in pain. Vet tech you ask? About the same reason as why I never became a vet.

I would love to be like, an Animal Care Specialist (fancy enough title, eh?) that visits peoples homes and does all the little things that need done; Give medicines, work on behaviors, walk, feed, etc., that's a cross between visiting nurse/vet tech/dog walker type thing.

Now who would like to fund this? I promise to name the school after you!!!

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