Sunday, April 11, 2010

My 4 Reasons 2 Live

Reason #1
Kiba is a 5.5 year old altered, black Miniature Schnauzer bitch. She can be hardheaded at times, and brilliant when she wants to be. She has her CL1, CL2-F, CL2-S, and CL2-H titles in CPE agility, with just 3 more Q's to CL2.

Reason #2
Stryder is a 4 year old altered, black Miniature Schnauzer dog. Since being neutered at 2.5 years old, he is turned into a total love-bug. He can be overzealous at times and hit just a little too hard, but through and through he is totally a Momma's boy. Since his brain has migrated northwards, he is starting to pay attention more, and is really buckling down. He is the only one I've taught a formal heel to, as well as a default down.

Reason #3
Tsuki is a 17 month old altered, silver Toy Poodle bitch. She is my extra special case, mostly due to her coming from a PuppyMill. She has SA (now controlled by medication) as well as potty issues while crated. Through it all, she is a little trooper and doesn't take anything from the other dogs. She is a snuggle bug and the sweetest little dog you'll ever meet.

Last but not least, is Reason #4
Lincoln is a 16.5 month old altered, red Miniature Poodle dog. He is, by far, the funniest dog I have owned. Made up of springs, slinkies, and googly eyes. He always has a prance in his step, a gleam of mischief in his eye, and can most often be found levitating and sleeping in weird places.

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