Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lyme Disease

If anyone reading this is in the Maine, or surrounding areas, please take a look at the article written in our local newspaper a couple weeks ago.

Lyme disease could soar this year | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Please get your dogs tested sooner rather than later this year, the weird weather we had last year, and the heat wave we had in February has the ticks out early this year. I've already found two on Kiba this year, just from being in the DogYard. I highly suggest the Heartworm AND Lyme Test (usually refereed to as the 4dx test), as mosquitos are already out this year, and were out late last year.

I take the 4R2L crew to Joel Hokkanen. He does a lot of low-cost clinics at The Kennel Shop at many different locations, and is very friendly and the dogs really like him as well. There's a vaccination schedule and cost/services on his site as well, and they also sell Heartworm medication at a low-cost too.

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