Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kennebunk Dog Park

This afternoon we headed over to the Kennebunk Dog Park. For FIVE friggin hours!! *WTF*

I always plan for us to stay awhile, since it's about 40 minutes from the house. But seriously... the dog park must be in a friggin time vortex or something, because I have nnoooo idea where the time went. We started off in the small dog section, since the guys haven't been in awhile - I think sometime last summer/fall - and I wanted them to get their crazies out before heading over to the big dog side. Funny enough, Tsuki was the most adventurous today, going over and smoozing off everyone. I believe almost everyone picked her up, and fell for her mind tricks - belly rubs, and her attempts to eat the flesh of humans; Lincoln as always goes and does his own thing, mostly exploring. Stryder and Kiba on the other hand, were at my feet the entire time. They'd go off a little bit, but seriously would not go 5 feet from me and play with other dogs. But of course, 10 minutes before we leave they finally find a friend to play with (all 4 and a few other dogs).

All in all it was a lot of fun. I need to work with Stryder about him sharing toys with strange dogs, he'll snark if we're playing with a toy and another dog comes over to play too. I know most people will say to just not play with toys with him at the dog park, but I DO want to be able to play with him, and either have him ignore or just get over the other dog being there - he doesn't do it if it's one of the 4R2L crew. Also need to get the poodles out and about with bigger dogs, the crew at this dog park are a good bunch of dogs and do fine with the littler guys - there's never anyone over in that section anyways - but the poodles were kinda flighty and had tails tucked at one point or another, but after getting in there and settling down they were fine. I guess we'll sadly have to keep going back then, eh?

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