Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lyme Disease

If anyone reading this is in the Maine, or surrounding areas, please take a look at the article written in our local newspaper a couple weeks ago.

Lyme disease could soar this year | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Please get your dogs tested sooner rather than later this year, the weird weather we had last year, and the heat wave we had in February has the ticks out early this year. I've already found two on Kiba this year, just from being in the DogYard. I highly suggest the Heartworm AND Lyme Test (usually refereed to as the 4dx test), as mosquitos are already out this year, and were out late last year.

I take the 4R2L crew to Joel Hokkanen. He does a lot of low-cost clinics at The Kennel Shop at many different locations, and is very friendly and the dogs really like him as well. There's a vaccination schedule and cost/services on his site as well, and they also sell Heartworm medication at a low-cost too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tick Tuesday

*Yes I know it's a day late, blogger froze last night!! More about Mr. Tick tonight!

Monday, April 12, 2010

You Should be a Vet!!!

I swear *every time* I help someone with their animals, either it be a food suggestion, training advice, or just sharing my experiences, peoples always tell me I should/should've been a veterinarian. Why? Because I can hop on google, and find the answer or things other people have tried? Or is it because I have had dogs for almost 6 years and am pretty sure we've gone through most of what everyday* owners go through?

Never am I asked if I have ever considered it, which I did until Sophomore year when one of my teachers told me I was too stupid to go to college for it, and that just kinda shattered the soul a bit and I never looked into it further. I also do not enjoy (not saying vets do) seeing animals sick, or in pain. Vet tech you ask? About the same reason as why I never became a vet.

I would love to be like, an Animal Care Specialist (fancy enough title, eh?) that visits peoples homes and does all the little things that need done; Give medicines, work on behaviors, walk, feed, etc., that's a cross between visiting nurse/vet tech/dog walker type thing.

Now who would like to fund this? I promise to name the school after you!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kennebunk Dog Park

This afternoon we headed over to the Kennebunk Dog Park. For FIVE friggin hours!! *WTF*

I always plan for us to stay awhile, since it's about 40 minutes from the house. But seriously... the dog park must be in a friggin time vortex or something, because I have nnoooo idea where the time went. We started off in the small dog section, since the guys haven't been in awhile - I think sometime last summer/fall - and I wanted them to get their crazies out before heading over to the big dog side. Funny enough, Tsuki was the most adventurous today, going over and smoozing off everyone. I believe almost everyone picked her up, and fell for her mind tricks - belly rubs, and her attempts to eat the flesh of humans; Lincoln as always goes and does his own thing, mostly exploring. Stryder and Kiba on the other hand, were at my feet the entire time. They'd go off a little bit, but seriously would not go 5 feet from me and play with other dogs. But of course, 10 minutes before we leave they finally find a friend to play with (all 4 and a few other dogs).

All in all it was a lot of fun. I need to work with Stryder about him sharing toys with strange dogs, he'll snark if we're playing with a toy and another dog comes over to play too. I know most people will say to just not play with toys with him at the dog park, but I DO want to be able to play with him, and either have him ignore or just get over the other dog being there - he doesn't do it if it's one of the 4R2L crew. Also need to get the poodles out and about with bigger dogs, the crew at this dog park are a good bunch of dogs and do fine with the littler guys - there's never anyone over in that section anyways - but the poodles were kinda flighty and had tails tucked at one point or another, but after getting in there and settling down they were fine. I guess we'll sadly have to keep going back then, eh?

Sleepy Sunday

My 4 Reasons 2 Live

Reason #1
Kiba is a 5.5 year old altered, black Miniature Schnauzer bitch. She can be hardheaded at times, and brilliant when she wants to be. She has her CL1, CL2-F, CL2-S, and CL2-H titles in CPE agility, with just 3 more Q's to CL2.

Reason #2
Stryder is a 4 year old altered, black Miniature Schnauzer dog. Since being neutered at 2.5 years old, he is turned into a total love-bug. He can be overzealous at times and hit just a little too hard, but through and through he is totally a Momma's boy. Since his brain has migrated northwards, he is starting to pay attention more, and is really buckling down. He is the only one I've taught a formal heel to, as well as a default down.

Reason #3
Tsuki is a 17 month old altered, silver Toy Poodle bitch. She is my extra special case, mostly due to her coming from a PuppyMill. She has SA (now controlled by medication) as well as potty issues while crated. Through it all, she is a little trooper and doesn't take anything from the other dogs. She is a snuggle bug and the sweetest little dog you'll ever meet.

Last but not least, is Reason #4
Lincoln is a 16.5 month old altered, red Miniature Poodle dog. He is, by far, the funniest dog I have owned. Made up of springs, slinkies, and googly eyes. He always has a prance in his step, a gleam of mischief in his eye, and can most often be found levitating and sleeping in weird places.